Water and Sewage

  • Turbines and Pumps that handled water shortages by pumping water to the School Reservoir are no
    longer functioning. These pumps were installed at the School Maintenance Yard that was built in the
    1920s when the School was established.
  • School Sewage Plant and Biogas Project site - abandoned and now a cesspool constantly generating
    foul, toxic odors and requiring large quantities of disinfectant and odor inhibitors.
  • Potable Water shortage -- some resolution to this crisis with the establishment of two boreholes, one
    to feed the School Reservoir.
  • School Swimming Pool -- tiles taken out, changing rooms in total disrepair and derelict.  Pool filled
    with foul stagnant, mosquito-infested water.
  • Seeping sewage at hospital.
  • Outside plumbing system is required to increase water pressure and supply to school facilities such
    as dormitory buildings and staff quarters.
  • Polytanks, although several in place to store water, are leaking.  They are also ineffective when
    there is no water at all as opposed to the intermittent disruptions, which they were installed to
  • Traffic situation on the western compound, with cars and heavy trucks using the school grounds as a
    by-pass, is dangerous and an environmental hazard.
  • The hospital area is very unkempt. Potential for mosquito breeding and infestation, and a new
    unregulated incinerator/toxic waste dump has been constructed nearby, ironically in front of a
    "health care” facility.
  • Much needed security --door locks and around-the-clock safety patrols for the premises and
    students, Coordinates of the School as stated in the School Charter tie in with the Vision of the
    Founders which was to take the School Oval further out so as to secure the School.
  • The Cricket pavilion abandoned and inhabited by squatters, the Athletic Field bleachers also
    abandoned, in disrepair and occupied by squatters.  The entire Games field is totally overgrown and
    hardly ever in use anymore.
  • Arboretum, abandoned and the variation of foliage are no longer under any care.  Several trees are
    termite riddled, dead or dying.
  • The grounds beyond the drive to the Administration Block are unkempt and weed riddled. In some
    areas grass is as high as 3ft, with other areas completely lacking in ground covering, thus becoming
    waterlogged during heavy rains.
  • Infamous gate in front of Aggrey Chapel broken and off its hinges.
Buildings and Infrastructure

  • The dormitories and classrooms are in need of long overdue maintenance. Bathrooms and toilets
    will require major overhaul in some houses.
  • Electrical rewiring and replacement of fixtures, fittings and lighting.
  • Desks and chairs to accommodate the student population
  • Indoor plumbing, pipes, taps and WC shower fittings will need replacement due in large part to
    aging beyond expected life cycle and overuse by a much larger student population than anticipated.
  • School Annex next to Reading Room, gutted and commodes removed.
  • School Library - Main entrance is not secure. Broken glass windowpanes, books disorganized and
    not catalogued.  Several important and historical documents riddled with dust mites and
  • The Music School building and its furnishings  - instruments and books continue to deteriorate
  • Aggrey Memorial Chapel, door to the organ room needs to be widened to accommodate the new
    organ; the Chapel can no longer accommodate the student population at one sitting.
  • Dining Hall and Kitchen - outmoded cooking apparatus although functional and low maintenance.  
    The entire kitchen could be revamped and upgraded.
  • Burglar proofing and window frames totally rusted and open to break-ins and theft.  Several window
    panes missing throughout the entire School and as many are cracked and a hazard
  • School Clock is dead again

Other problems include:

  • Old Home Science Building - Serious structural problems led to the building being condemned and
    rendered unsafe for students to occupy at any time. However, the building is now under lease to
    generate some revenue.
  • No indication of fire safety or preventive measures throughout the School.
  • Phone lines work intermittently.
Facilities and Services

Up until 1974, when Achimota PWD was established to assist with renovations and improvements for
the Jubilee, the Achimota School Maintenance Department (post World War II) consisted of some fifty
to sixty workers including grounds staff, who were responsible for re-surfacing the six miles of road
within the two compounds, and installing a complete new system of street lighting.  There were also
other major projects such as repainting the Administration Block and the Clock Tower. Today Achimota
PWD is no more and the staffing level at the Maintenance Department has diminished to a meager eight
employees with no corresponding change in the size of the campus and its facilities.
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Grounds and Boundaries

The School Farm is in disarray with land
significantly encroached and development
destroying the irrigation system set up for
the Farm. Trespassing on school land,
which is a further threat to Achimota's
structural integrity, is highlighted in the
video clip.
School land encroachment