The most pressing priorities Achimota currently faces are the water and
sewage crises. However, as you will see from the visual evidence
compiled in
A Crisis in Pictures, there are a number of other renovation
and refurbishment projects that urgently need attention. All of these
projects will cost over $5 million.

Our aim is to save 60% of the amount raised and use 40% for projects.
The amount raised will primarily be from Akoras and Friends of Achimota
School in Ghana and the Diaspora. We will eventually approach Corporate institutions for assistance. In 2007, we saved $5,000.
We intend to increase this by $50,000 in 2008. The amounts saved
and that available for projects will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

Projects in Progress

We are concentrating on ensuring the school is networked and all have access to the relevant
technology to enable the school to function effectively in the 21st Century.

Administrative Costs

We intend to keep administrative and fundraising expenses to no more than 5.0% of the total project
cost. To this end, we will solicit donations of goods and services from alumni, friends of Achimota and
other sources.

Competitive Bid Process and Quality Standards

We will work with the School Board, Headmistress, Administration, and OAA to establish an
Architectural and Engineering Review Committee that will be responsible for developing and
establishing a sound procurement policy, and competitive bid process for the award of contracts. In
addition, the Architectural and Engineering Review Committee will establish standards for restoration of
the School’s colonial-era buildings; review proposals, make recommendations on the award of bids, and
monitor implementation of construction projects to ensure a consistently high standard and quality of